” MY ONLY GIFT TO PEOPLE IS BOOK” Says Dr Raphael James of CRIMMD, Idimu Lagos.


In a chat with Dr Raheal last year he said he prefer to give out books than money because in the process of reading you will discover the secret of wealth according to the Dr. The attached images showcase some of the book giving beneficiaries.

DrRaphael James of CRIMMD LIBRARY, is supporting MARVEL SICKLE CELL FOUNDATION, for their upcoming walk against sickle cell, the icing in the cake is, his READING for the children and youth on that day.



February 3, 2018

40 books donated in support of the world Cancer Day program been organized by Marjorie Bash Foundation, managed by Mr Kelechi Eguzo. The event holds on February 5, 2018 at the Nigerian Christian High School Nlagu, Km 23 Ikot Ekpene Road Aba, Abia State by 12 noon. In 2017 when I made an open request for books, photos and movies on slave trade, Mr. Kelechi sent me a book on slave trade all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia. So when he asked for my support for books to use for his program, I pledged 20 books but today, I donated double my pledge, making it 40 books, because I am impressed with what he is doing. Mr Kelechi was represented by Josephine Eseigbe to collect the books.


Mr Kelechi was represented by Josephine Eseigbe to receive the book from Dr

February 9, 2018

A representative of Mr Simplicius Nkwo was at the CRIMMD today and he collected 50 books to support Mr Simplicius, to start a library in his school in Aba, Abia State where he is based. This little-nothing I do is my small effort to make my country, Nigeria a better place. Let us support the reading habit by donating books and setting up libraries.


Representative of Mr Simplicius Nkwo receives book from Dr.

February 12, 2018

40 books donated to the Head of Micfis International School, Mr. Adepoju Michael all the way from Ibadan. The books are to assist the school library as a medium to commemorate the World Book Day.


Head of Micfis International School, Mr. Adepoju Michael receives book from DR

Feburary 22, 2018

In support of “Makurdi Must Read” Project being handled as a NYSC Community Project, by Sk Nwaejie, I donated 50 books to his representative Miss Benedicta Anyanwu who visited CRIMMD Library today, February 22, 2018. S.K. go for it, I am behind you and make me proud. This is a mild reminder that If you requested for books from me on any library/ reading projects, pick them up before the end of February 2018. Let’s make more leaders by making more readers.


Sk Nwaejie, representative Miss Benedicta Anyanwu with DR

February 24, 2018

50 books donated this morning to Mr Adewale Adeogun – Secretary to the Local Government (SLG), ILUGUN LCDA of Ogun State, to support his effort to establish a mini-library for the people of Ilugun community, his representative was at the CRIMMD today February 24, 2018 and she picked 50 books . I will continue to do my little-nothing to make Nigeria a reading nation. You too can join me and you may even do better than me. A reading nation is a leading nation.
20 books donated to Benjamin Elemide through Miss Abigael, today February 24, 2018 to support his program on Oratory contest cum Poetry performance poetry contest for secondary schools in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The programme I was told would serve as a platform to reach out to the younger generation in secondary schools to awake them to the light of societal discourse and happenings and it holds on March 1st, 2018. Let us join hands to make Nigeria a leading nation first by making it a reading nation.
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